Representative Kenneth Sheets Files Roofing Contractor Consumer Protection Act

February 20, 2015

By Rep. Kenneth Sheets

AUSTIN, TX – This week, State Representative Kenneth Sheets filed legislation to protect consumers from unscrupulous roofing contractors. House Bill 1488, known as the Roofing Contractor Consumer Protection Act, establishes a voluntary roofing contractor registration program with the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). Under the bill, roofing contractors installing replacement roofs in Texas would have the option to register with TDI, placing them in a state-wide database maintained by the TDI.

“Texas property owners face some of the highest homeowners insurance rates in the nation, in large part because of the unique weather risks faced by the state,” Rep. Sheets said, “Sadly, the problem of severe weather is made worse by the influx of contractors to an affected area that are either unable or unwilling to perform quality work. Poor work causes more severe and frequent property claims for homeowners, which then leads to higher insurance rates.”

In addition to the creation of the state-wide database, H.B. 1488 tightens existing law by prohibiting all roofing contractors, regardless of their participation in the statewide registration, from rebating consumer insurance deductibles and requires disclosure to consumers the status of their liability insurance coverage.

“More often than not, the bad actors in the industry are not bonded or insured, leaving the homeowner without any recourse for work that is incomplete or improperly installed,” Rep. Sheets said. “A common sense disclosure requirement coupled with a voluntary registration database will provide consumers more tools to protect their properties from those who seek to take advantage of a catastrophe.”

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