Four Price Thanks House Colleagues for Passing SB 219 (HB 550) – ‘Clarification Bill’ will make laws more clear for all Texans

March 26, 2015

By Rep. Four Price

Austin, TX — Today, the Texas House of Representatives passed significant legislation that will make the laws pertaining to Texas’ health and human services agencies more clear, concise, and understandable. Senate Bill 219 (House Bill 550), known as the Health and Human Services ‘Clarification Bill,’ provides clear guidance to affected agencies regarding the codes applicable to the administration of state health and human services. It also makes these laws easier to access, read and understand for all Texans. The Clarification Bill won final passage by a vote of 143 in favor and 0 opposed.

The Clarification Bill will clean-up archaic, inaccurate and obsolete language in 9 codes and 262 chapters of law. It represents over 20,000 hours of work with the staff of the Sunset Advisory Commission, attorneys of the Texas Legislative Council and counsels of the five health and human services agencies. All legislators, who are part of the Sunset Advisory Commission, supported the bill as joint authors.

After final passage of the bill, Representative Price said, “I thank my colleagues for their trust and support in passing this massive bill today on the floor of the House. I thank them and their staffs for the great discussions and feedback in the months leading up to this day. I am also appreciative of the tremendous input and support we received throughout this process from so many health care stakeholders. Last, but certainly not least, I am very grateful for the incredible and dedicated work of the Texas Legislative Council and the staff of the Sunset Advisory Commission. Texas is truly blessed to have such hardworking and gifted public servants.”

Soon, Senate Bill 219 will head to Governor Abbott for his consideration.


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