The Texas House of Representatives Passes Rep. Jeff Leach’s Landmark Legislation to Protect the Private Property Rights of Texas Homeowners

May 11, 2015

By Rep. Jeff Leach

Last week, State Representative Jeff Leach passed House Bill 2489 in the Texas House of Representatives, protecting the rights of Texas property owners by reining in overreaching Homeowner’s Associations (HOAs).

“I am very pleased that the Texas House has taken a much-needed step forward on behalf of private property owners with the passage of House Bill 2489 – a common-sense fix that addresses a growing trend of intrusive HOAs who seek to interfere with and financially gain from homeowners,” stated Leach.

During the interim period leading up to the 84th Legislative Session, Representative Leach formed the “House District 67 Real Estate Advisory Council,” comprised of local real estate professionals and designed to educate and advise Representative Leach on the pressing issues impacting homeowners in Collin County. Representative Leach filed House Bill 2489 in response to learning about the growing trend of heavy-handed HOAs across the state that unrightfully restrict the rights of Texas homeowners.

Under current law, there are no limits related to an HOA’s ability to interfere with the leasing or renting of a homeowners’ private property within that HOA. Particularly, an HOA may assess onerous fees and fines, require that the tenant be approved by the association or even require copies of documents containing private and sensitive information. House Bill 2489 holds HOAs more accountable by curbing their ability to improperly restrict the rights of private property owners with respect to such rental and leasing agreements.

Representative Leach serves House District 67 in the Texas House of Representatives, representing portions of Plano, Allen, Richardson and Dallas in Collin County. Leach serves on the House Committee on Government Transparency & Operation and the House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence.


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