Dallas Kid Gets His Bill Through The Legislature

June 1, 2015

By Rep. Kenneth Sheets

AUSTIN, TX – Last week, Governor Greg Abbott signed into law House Bill 821, which will eliminate the requirement that a child 13 years old or younger provide a Social Security number when obtain a hunting license. This legislation was brought to its author, State Representative Kenneth Sheets, by Coleman Hofker, a 10 year old hunter and constituent of Representative Sheets.

Coleman was frustrated to learn he would have to provide his Social Security number in order to obtain a hunting license. “A kid shouldn’t have to give up his private information just to spend time hunting with his dad,” Coleman said. After researching the issue with his father, Coleman reached out to Representative Sheets in search of a change in law. Representative Sheets filed H.B. 821 and Coleman provided testimony for the bill in committee. “Bills like this are my favorite type to work on,” Representative Sheets said, “the bills that come to me direct from folks back home. This one in particular is important and special. It’s great to see a young person like Coleman getting engaged in the legislative process.”

The bill went on to receive overwhelming support in both chambers and was signed by Governor Abbott in late May. “I’m excited about passing a bill and very happy to help other young hunters in Texas,” Coleman said upon hearing the bill had passed. Starting in 2016, hunters 13 years old or younger will no longer have to provide a Social Security number when obtaining a hunting license.


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