Rep. Galindo Honors Texas Veterans with Cold War Medal Bill

June 18, 2015

By Rep. Rick Galindo

AUSTIN, TX – Rep. Galindo’s House Bill 2108, the Cold War Victory Medal Act, has been signed into law by Governor Abbott after passing with widespread support in both the House and Senate. This bill will extend eligibility requirements related to the purchase of the Texas Cold War Victory medal to include both state and federal military forces.

“These men and women deserve a tangible token of appreciation for their honorable sacrifice,” said Rep. Galindo. “I am honored to pass legislation to recognize a previously overlooked veteran population who served in the midst of the most uncertain and chaotic era in recent American history.”

HB 2108 expands the eligibility for the commemorative Texas Cold War Victory Medal, ensuring it is available for purchase by all Texas veterans who served between September 2, 1945 and December 26, 1991. Before Rep. Galindo’s bill this medal was only offered to veterans of the Texas State Guard. As the federal government currently offers no distinct medal to Cold War veterans, this bill will allow Texans to honor these men and women whose service may have been forgotten in a manner equal to veterans of other foreign wars.

With the Governor’s approval this bill will ensure Texans never forget that the Cold War was indeed a real war in which many service members gave their lives to secure democracy and protect the values we as Texans and Americans hold dear.


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