Rep. Bell Appointed to Joint Interim Committee to Study a Coastal Barrier System

August 26, 2015

By Rep. Cecil Bell

Austin, TX – State Representative Cecil Bell, Jr. (Magnolia) has been appointed to the Joint Interim Committee to Study a Coastal Barrier System, pursuant to Senate Bill 695, as passed during the 84th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature.

The purpose of the committee is to study the feasibility and desirability of creating and maintaining a coastal barrier system in the state to prevent storm surge damage to gulf beaches or coastal ports, industry, and property.

“The Gulf Coast is a vital part of Texas’ economy. As a Member of the House Committee on Land and Resource Management, I listened to testimony on S.B. 695 stressing the need to protect our landowners, environmental interests, and lucrative industries. I am proud to continue that work on the Coastal Barrier Joint Committee,” said Rep. Bell.

The Committee will report its findings and recommendations to the Legislature not later than November 1, 2016.


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