Obama turning out the lights

January 20, 2017

By Rep. Drew Darby

The end of the Obama administration cannot come soon enough. For the past eight years, Texas energy producers have been in the crosshairs with each new announcement of major rules and regulations. Some of these proposals became infamous for the audacity, from the Clean Power Plan, to the Water of the U.S. Rule, Methane Rules for cows, forests, homes and businesses, expansions of the Endangered Species classifications, Cross-State Air Pollution, and the Haze Rule. The list could go on and on and has. These initiatives were very costly to fight in federal court. In many cases they were turned back, but some were upheld and have become even costlier to administer and comply under. Lost jobs and higher cost for Texas energy consumers mattered little to this administration that was intent on pushing the boundaries of what was lawful.

While relief is coming, Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency is fast-tracking many midnight regulations with impacts greater than $100 million per year that could be difficult for President Trump, his administration and the Republican-controlled Congress to undo. These regulations threaten to turn out the lights by shuttering Texas’s fleet of electricity generating plants. I support Congress taking effective steps to reverse these rules and pass common-sense laws like the proposed Midnight Rule Relief Act to prevent any President from pushing onerous regulations in the closing days of their term. Bringing regulatory certainly to Texas energy producers and consumers keeps the lights on and makes this nation energy independent.

Rep. Darby represents Texas House District 72, which is comprised of Coke, Concho, Glasscock, Howard, Irion, Reagan, Runnels, Sterling, and Tom Green Counties. In the past legislative session, he served as Chairman of the House Energy Resources Committee and as a member of the House Ways & Means Committee.


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