Defending Life and Women’s Health

February 5, 2017

By Rep. Jodie Laubenberg

Protecting the lives of the unborn has been a calling since I was first elected and nothing – not even an activist Supreme Court – will deter me from that cause while I am in office. As the author of HB 2 (83rd Session, 2013), I have been proud to be a part of the Texas House of Representatives which has led the fight to protect the lives of the unborn and the 85th Session will be no exception.

Unfortunately for defenders of life and women’s health, the ruling in the Hellerstedt decision makes the job of protecting women and children more difficult. In that decision, the Supreme Court changed the standard for developing sound pro-life laws to a ‘rational basis’ test. This change will allow the pro-abortionists to seek out liberal judges and strike down the laws to preserve life and protect women.

While President Trump has signaled his intent to appoint Justices to the Court who will defend life, the cause of the unborn cannot wait. The Texas House of Representatives will act this session to pass laws scientifically demonstrating that better equipped medical facilities and better trained staff provide better health care; we can ban the sale of a baby’s body parts and tissues after an abortion; we will prove there is a rational basis for advancing the cause of life; and we will continue to ensure taxpayer dollars are not used to fund abortion services.

To be sure, the road to protect life is steeper and a little harder after Hellerstedt but I have never been afraid to walk the path of life. I know you will help me on this journey and continue to support the principled leadership provided by the Texas House of Representatives.

Jodie Laubenberg (R-Parker) is in her seventh term serving the citizens of District 89, representing parts of Collin County. She currently serves as Chair of the Committee on Elections.


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