We Give You Facts on Candidates, Not Arbitrary Grades or Endorsements!

February 9, 2018

I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of grading systems. This election season, Texas Citizens Coalition won’t be issuing grades or endorsing political candidates. Instead, we’ll give you the facts about candidates, so you can make sound decisions and elect real conservatives, not merely ones who score well on a made-up grading card.

Think back to when you were in school. Did you ever receive a low grade because of arbitrary, subjective grading? Sometimes grades were based on exams that didn’t test the most important things taught in class. At times, the hardest working, most passionate students got lower grades than the apathetic ones who fooled around the whole time. But the slacker students knew how to play the grading game, so they got better scores.

It can be the same with political grading. At times, candidate or politician “grades” can be nothing more than an endorsement-in-disguise. Perhaps, the people getting the good scores are just the ones who know how to play the political game well. The ones with an A+ could have earned it by placating the graders instead of serving We the People.

When looking at grades for candidates, make sure to investigate the grading methodology used. It might not test the most important things. Sometimes grades are only based on how a person voted in certain bills, but that doesn’t take into account all the work and passion that may have got the bill to the floor in the first place, it doesn’t consider the compromises and deals made, it doesn’t explore the strategies, etc.

For instance, maybe a politician voted for a less than ideal bill, and got a bad grade for it, but he or she was just using that as the first step in passing a more comprehensive one later. Just looking at the voting record grade won’t show that. Or, maybe a politician is fiscally conservative and didn’t vote for a bill titled “fiscally conservative” because they have good reasons for believing the bill wouldn’t be able to do what it promised. A grade based on voting records wouldn’t reveal that.

Instead of just looking at their grade then, we have to listen to our elected representatives to understand their strategies and goals and then decide whether they’re doing a good job or not.

Scores work well for the Super Bowl. They don’t work as well when trying to evaluate candidates or politicians. They might oversimplify and manipulate. Scorecards shouldn’t make or break careers—the facts should. 

And that’s why Texas Citizens Coalition will be sending you the facts, not scores, this primary election season, and then you can be engaged in the political process.

In Service for God, you, your family, and Texas,

Gary Gates
President and Founder
Texas Citizens Coalition

Gary Gates started the non-profit Texas Citizens Coalition because he has a passion for individual liberty and preserving the Constitution, and it’s a fight he’s engaged in with every facet of his life. He believes a coalition is needed because it takes all of us being actively involved to move our state and country forward. We as citizens must stay informed because We the People are in charge and must hold government accountable. Gary desires to provide Texas citizens a free resource to get useful information about state government from a conservative perspective.

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