Dan Flynn:
 Fighting to Protect Our Rural, East Texas Values

February 21, 2018

As a businessman and rancher, Dan Flynn knows it takes hard work to be successful in rural Texas. That same work ethic is apparent in his work as a state representative for East Texas. As Chairman of the House Pensions Committee, he uses his experience in banking and financial services to ensure our public pension systems are sound and their business operations are transparent for the beneficiaries who rely on a public pension.

Chairman Flynn also knows what it takes to fight for conservative principles. Having served as County Judge of Van Zandt, he understands rural Texas and knows that faith, limited government, and fiscal responsibility are the basis of sound legislative policy. Flynn is committed to fighting even harder, now that big-city, special interests are trying to control another seat and force mandates on rural Texas.

Flynn kept the promises made during his last campaign. He made stopping illegal immigration a priority. Chairman Flynn was a co-sponsor of the bill to end ‘Sanctuary Cities.’ This law gives enforcement officers additional tools to keep our communities safe, remove dangerous immigrants from our streets, and hold illegal immigrants for deportation hearings.

Flynn’s financial experience helps him root out waste in the state budget. With the help of Chairman Flynn’s leadership, the legislature passed a balanced state budget which cut more than $200 million in spending from the prior budget cycle. That keeps more money in the pockets of conservatives and expands our economic freedoms.

Chairman Flynn fights for the most vulnerable of our society as a matter of faith. He is unequivocally pro-life and believes every child is a gift from God which is why he helped pass a law to ban partial-birth abortions and voted to defund Planned Parenthood, solidifying his status as a defender of Life.

He also understands the importance of public schools and knows they are the lifeblood of rural communities. Flynn voted to add $150 million to the public-school finance system, which will allow districts to provide tax relief to property owners. In addition, he fought to secure an additional $41 million for certain small schools in the final bill. Flynn supported these provisions without increasing taxes at the state level, demonstrating his true fiscal conservative philosophy.

Chairman Flynn knows big-city, special interests are trying to take more control of the legislative agenda. The special interests want what is good for Dallas and Houston and force those same policies across the state. That is not conservative, and it is not good for rural Texas.


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