Jason Villalba:
 Working to Reduce Local Property Tax Increases

February 21, 2018

Last year, as legislators grappled with ways to reform Texas’s property tax system, Representative Jason Villalba fought for solutions in both the Regular Session and called Special Session. He worked to ensure adequate funding of public schools, while fighting for property tax reform. While the legislature addressed some of the underlying problems surrounding the complicated public school finance system, the ultimate goal of reform was not completed.

For that reason, Villalba plans to work on solutions that limit increases in local property tax, control the regulations coming out of the Texas Education Agency, and end the impacts of the Robin Hood provisions of the system.

During the first-called special session, Representative Villalba worked to add $150 million to the public-school system, which will allow districts to provide tax relief to property owners. In addition, he voted to add $60 million for districts to buy down their bond debt and another $60 million to help charter schools build new facilities for learning. Villalba ensured these provisions helped students without increasing taxes at the state level, proving he is a champion for taxpayers and students alike.

In addition to helping reduce local property taxes, Representative Villalba supports conservative principles. True to his word, he kept his campaign promises and made stopping illegal immigration a priority. He voted to add more than 250 troopers and enforcement technology to secure our borders. He was a co-sponsor of the bill to end ‘Sanctuary Cities’ and give our law enforcement officers additional tools to keep our communities safe and remove dangerous immigrants from our streets.

For Villalba, fighting for the most vulnerable of our society is a matter of faith. He is unequivocally pro-life and believes every child is a gift from God. He helped pass a law to ban partial-birth abortions and other late-term assaults on unborn babies. He voted to defund Planned Parenthood in the state budget and fund women’s health programs from non-abortion providers with those same funds, demonstrating his commitment to a culture of Life.

Representative Villalba’s philosophy is very simple and in line with our conservative principles of limited government and promoting personal and economic freedoms. As a member of the Business and Industry Committee in the House, he works every day to unleash the power of the free market and promote pro-business policies for Texas.


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