Charlie Geren:
 Leading the Fight Against Sanctuary Cities

February 22, 2018

Last session when the Texas House was debating conservative legislation, there is a good chance Representative Charlie Geren was leading the effort to pass the bill.

Many legislators talk about getting tough on border security and illegal immigrants, but Chairman Geren is the one who acted. He was the House sponsor of the ‘Sanctuary Cities’ bill, prohibiting local jurisdictions from preventing officers from enforcing any part of an immigration law, including request to detain illegal immigrants to face deportation. The law gives enforcement officers more tools to keep our communities safe and remove dangerous immigrants from our streets. With the Sanctuary Cities law in place, Texas is closer to securing our border, and Chairman Geren deserves much of the credit.

The Sanctuary Cities bill was not the only conservative issue championed by Chairman Geren. He also strengthened the First Amendment rights of our religious leaders by sponsoring the ‘Sermon Safeguard Act.’ This new law protects the state’s clergy by preventing subpoenas from government entities of a religious sermon in a civil suit or administrative proceeding. The Sermon Safeguard Act helps secure our religious freedoms and protects our religious leaders from government intimidation. With it, Chairman Geren increased the security of our faith institutions and expanded our personal freedoms.

In addition to these conservative causes, Chairman Geren is an advocate for Life. He was a co-author of the partial-birth abortion ban in the House. This law provides a mechanism for state officials to prosecute people who perform this type of procedure on unborn babies. Chairman Geren also helped pass provisions related to the final, humane disposition of a baby’s remains after an abortion. Finally, Chairman Geren was a strong supporter of the efforts to defund Planned Parenthood in the state budget. These examples demonstrate how Chairman Geren leads on pro-life issues and fulfills his culture of Life philosophies.

As a small business owner, Representative Geren knows what it is like to meet a payroll and be a job creator in Tarrant County. He understands how burdensome regulations increase costs and limit opportunities. He applies his business knowledge to make state government more efficient.

In short, Representative Geren’s philosophy is line with our conservative principles of supporting limited government and promoting personal and economic freedoms. He works to advance conservative issues for his constituents in Fort Worth and Tarrant County.


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