Ernest Bailes:
 A Businessman fighting for Rural Texas

February 26, 2018

As a businessman, Representative Ernest Bailes knows what it is like to create a successful business from the ground up in rural Texas. As a job-creator, he knows what it means to meet a payroll. He also understands how burdensome regulations increase costs and limit opportunities. Bailes uses these business skills to make state government more efficient for the benefit of his constituents.

Representative Bailes also knows what it takes to fight for rural Texas. Having grown-up working cattle on his family’s farm, he understands hard work. After college, Bailes returned to his roots. These life experiences shape his outlook in the legislature. He understands rural Texas and now that big-city, special interests are trying to force mandates on rural Texas, Bailes is prepared to fight even harder.

As your representative, Bailes fights for conservative principles. True to his word, he kept the promises made during his campaign and made stopping illegal immigration a priority. Representative Bailes was a co-sponsor of the bill to end ‘Sanctuary Cities.’ This law prohibits local jurisdictions from preventing officers from upholding any part of an immigration law, including request to detain illegal immigrants to face deportation. The law gives enforcement officers additional tools to keep our communities safe and remove dangerous immigrants from our streets.

For Bailes, fighting for the most vulnerable of our society is a matter of faith. He is unequivocally pro-life and believes every child is a gift from God which is why he helped pass a law to ban partial-birth abortions. He voted to defund Planned Parenthood and fund women’s health programs from non-abortion providers with those same funds, proving he is a defender of Life and a champion of taxpayers.

Representative Bailes really shines, however, when it comes to working for our public schools. During the special session, Bailes voted to add $150 million to the public-school finance system, which will allow districts to provide tax relief to property owners. In addition, he fought to secure an additional $41 million for certain small schools in the final bill. He understands the importance of public schools and knows they are the lifeblood of rural communities. Bailes supported these provisions without increasing taxes at the state level, demonstrating his true fiscal conservative philosophy.

Ernest Bailes knows the big cities are trying to take control of the legislative agenda. The special interests want what is good for Houston and Dallas and force those same policies across the state. That is not conservative, and it is not good for rural Texas.


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