John Raney:
 A Conservative Champion for Education Reform

February 26, 2018

Representative John Raney knows what it takes to be a small business owner. Having run a successful business for almost 50 years, he knows how to meet a payroll and create jobs—and what it means to serve the greater community around Texas A&M University. He has provided employment opportunities to generations of Aggies.

Because of these experiences, Representative Raney understands how burdensome regulations increase costs and limit opportunities. His business acumen has taught Raney how to make state government more efficient, and he uses these skills in his role on the Appropriations Committee. This experience helped Representative Raney lead efforts cut millions of dollars in spending from the last budget and produce a balanced budget favorable to the taxpayers of Texas. That keeps more money in the pockets of conservatives and expands our economic freedoms across the state.

When you examine his votes on issues important to conservatives, Representative Raney is a leader in the Texas House. He consistently votes to secure our borders from illegal immigrants. He demonstrates his culture of Life philosophy as he votes to protect unborn babies from abortions. And, few members are as supportive of our right to keep and bear arms guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.

Representative Raney really shines, however, when it comes to working for our public schools. During the first-called special session, Raney helped pass provisions to add $150 million to the public-school finance system, which will allow districts to provide tax relief to property owners. Raney helped add these provisions without increasing taxes at the state level, demonstrating he is a champion for taxpayers and students alike.

While these provisions are positive steps, legislators must continue to change the public-school finance system to institute real property tax reforms. These two issues are linked as local officials must raise local taxes when the state cuts its share of school finance needed to educate the growing student population. We can continue to argue about capping local taxes only when we fix the underlying problem and find a better way to pay for Texas public education. Representative Raney understands this critical relationship and will continue to work on systemic changes.

Representative Raney’s philosophy is very simple and in line with our conservative principles of supporting limited government and promoting personal and economic freedoms. He works every day to unleash the power of the free market and promote pro-business policies for Texas.


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