Paul Workman: 
A Conservative Leader in the Texas House

February 26, 2018

When you examine his votes on issues important to conservatives, Representative Paul Workman is a leader in the Texas House. He consistently votes to secure our borders from illegal immigrants. He demonstrates his culture of Life philosophy as he votes to protect unborn babies from abortions. And, few members are as supportive of our right to keep and bear arms guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.

As a businessman, Representative Workman knows what it is like to meet a payroll. His businesses have created hundreds of good-paying jobs in Travis County for the last three decades. He understands how burdensome regulations increase costs and limit opportunities. Workman uses his business skills to make state government more efficient and work for our benefit instead of throwing up more regulatory restrictions that limit our prosperity.

Representative Workman is also a recognized as a defender of private property rights. Workman was an author of the bill passed last year to limit forced annexation by big cities in Texas. The effort was signed into law and gives people in the targeted area the right to vote on whether they want to be annexed into the city. This change protects much of Western Travis County from Austin’s land grabs and protects citizens from higher taxes. Forced annexation is un-Texan and Representative Workman will continue to push for changes to strengthen private property rights.

While we applaud Representative Workman’s efforts to protect property rights, he cemented conservative credentials as one of the authors of Texas’ new “Sanctuary Cities” law. This law enables local law enforcement to remove illegal criminal aliens and requires all law enforcement to comply with Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) requests. Removing the protection offered by Austin and other liberal cities, helps secure our border from illegal immigration.  This legislation has been praised nationwide for its effective, common sense approach to stopping human trafficking and drug smuggling across America’s southern border.

Representative Workman’s philosophy is very simple and in line with our conservative principles of supporting limited government and promoting personal and economic freedoms. He works everyday to unleash the power of the free market and promote pro-business policies for Texas.


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