Will we get to see you at the Republican Convention?

June 12, 2018

The Texas Republican Convention has started this week in San Antonio.  We’ll be at the convention from June 14-16, and we’d be thrilled to see you! Please stop by our exhibit booth in the exhibit hall and say hello. You can even enter our free giveaway to win some exciting patriotic prizes and books.

The convention is vital because it elects State Party Chair and Vice Chair and decides the Republican platform and legislative priorities for the next two years. Delegates will be working hard at the convention to set the rules that the Republican party will follow and to choose leadership for the party. The delegates will be pulling long hours to craft and debate the party platform. 

If you were not chosen as a delegate or alternate, you can still attend this important political gathering as a guest.

Are you planning on going to the convention? If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so here. The convention prides itself in being the “largest political gathering in the free world.” 10,000 people are expected to attend! Compare that with the recent California Democratic Party Convention, which only had 4000 attendees.

The tremendous number of people who attend the Texas GOP Convention reveals that Texans truly are politically active and engaged! They don’t just sit back and whine about what needs changed in Texas—they get up and take action to ensure Texas stays a wonderful place to live.

We can hardly wait to see so many hard-working and involved Republicans all together in one room! We hope that you are one of the passionate Republicans we’ll get to meet this week!

In Service,

Texas Citizens Coalition

Gary Gates started the non-profit Texas Citizens Coalition because he has a passion for individual liberty and preserving the Constitution, and it’s a fight he’s engaged in with every facet of his life. He believes a coalition is needed because it takes all of us being actively involved to move our state and country forward. We as citizens must stay informed because We the People are in charge and must hold government accountable. Gary desires to provide Texas citizens a free resource to get useful information about state government from a conservative perspective.


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