We envision freedom ringing louder, conservative principles reigning victoriously, and democracy thriving throughout Texas by citizens being actively engaged and educated.


Texas Citizens Coalition is a non-profit that works to boost civic engagement, inform Texans about politics and legislation that uniquely affects them, promote liberty-advancing legislation, and expand conservative values across the state.

Core Values

  • Limited Government
  • Governmental Transparency and Accountability
  • Engaged and Educated Citizens
  • Individual and Economic Freedom


  • Eliminate Government overreach and reduce regulation in favor of individual liberty and personal responsibility.
  • Enable citizens to work together as an informed coalition to keep the Lone Star State a Red state.
  • Ensure the pro-business environment and liberties that matter to Texans continue for future generations.
  • Shine a light on governmental actions, either to highlight helpful policies or expose harmful ones.
  • Support legislation that expands personal and economic freedom, making Texas a better place to live, work, and raise a family.


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